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NEW BOOK: Oh My God, There’s Money in My Cell Phone

Become a sponsor for Brian Tomlinson’s new book,
Oh My God, There’s Money in My Cell Phone!
You can have this fabulous new book for $29.95.
Less than thirty days are left to YOUR New Year’s celebration.

Phone us at 949 432 0812
and order your hard copy or digital copy today!


Friends and Family Campaign

Our new contest will help consumers and sponsors with our MONEY MACHINE GAME new web site 5050adshare.com.


Post Your Product on Hollywood Natural Foods

Hollywood Natural Foods (www.hollywoodnaturalfoods.com), has been delivering health since 1928. …. The first bio med that removes round up and get healthy and heal leaky gut 70% of deteriorating health problems and get a piece of contest and buy 4 pack and sponsor a homeless person or family and help detox from drugs alcohol opioids and heroin or depression alzheimer’s dementia channel 0 watch doctor explain how to remove poison in your GUT TODAY. ORDER NOW!


Space Box TV Sponsoring

Send your message and product to billions in 250 countries. Learn how to turn your computer into a global phone company or online merchant banking machine. Create a Facebook or Youtube page.

Send out our ads to all your Facebook or Youtube and Instagram friends to SUBSCRIBE to our contest and new book. Receive $5 for every book, and (maybe!) win a Bentley. Whoever brings ten thousand friends FIRST to buy the new book. My product is a phenomenon, it has gone viral.

Allow family and friends to receive commissions on several on going contest and campaigns and GAME CONTEST products. Create your very own merchant account TV CHANNEL, and send money worldwide and help your family. Even when you’re sleeping, your bank account can swell with money!

(1) Send us your name, address, phone, and email address, and TELL US about your product (a written description or emailed video or web site). We will review your submission and discuss costs and timing.

(2) Before we can host your channel, we will need you to email us your debit card number, expiration date, billing address, and the three digit security code. Also by sending this email you are signing our SDTV disclosure that we can link spaceboxtv.com to your web site, social media pages, or personal name for marketing purposes.

You may also call us and discuss your ideas … 949 432 0812.

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