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new school of technology is amazing teaching people to go live on their own computer tablet and cell phone

June 21, 2021

Hi am arnica i meet pastor brian and he took us to dinner at a cell phone parts store 1771 Coahuila and . and showed me his school USA 702 525 4622 or T J 52664 752 4927 I was deported like many others and he told us his tragedy and it gave me hope that I can go told his story about building the first social media Facebook and twitter tactic Instagram snap chat ext. wow this man is interesting and all these companies came after him and are not paying him this is a movie.and is will to teach us how to get out of poverty . man i was suffering over her in T J and their is a lot of drugs and no school thank God for this man opened a recycling company and buys cans off the homeless. JESUS IS LORD I al most gave up pray for me


the new internet school in tecnoigy i want to learn how to build cell phone and web sites and program servers and agririthum key words

June 20, 2021

well i went into resterant on cawellla and muualism selling servers

meet a man from excondido who is opening a internet school aat calle coahuila ave 7771

he has a friend how sells cell phone screens and parts for

sponsor 7025254622



June 17, 2021

This site is just awesome my congratulations to the Web designer and his Super smart boss!!!

Javier Quintero
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